Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Barcamp Ethiopia 2011

BarCamp Ethiopia is an un-conference. As opposed to regular conferences, BarCamps are organized and held not by an organization or a company, but by an open community of interested individuals. Participants gather around a common topic to exchange ideas and experiences in an informal setting. BAR = “Beyond All Recognition”. BarCamps are characterized by an atmosphere of non-hierarchy, openness, sharing, creativity, efficiency and fun.
More than 350 BarCamps have been held all over the world with different thematic focus, also in several other African countries.
The first Barcamp Ethiopia has been held in September 2010 in Addis Ababa and has attracted more than 300 participants from Ethiopia and all over the world! It fared under the motto New Learning | New Thinking | New Behavior and has included more than 40 session on topics as varied as educational technologies, architectural preservation, open source mapping, environmental and social policy, as well as yoga. Nevertheless concerts and informal spaces made it an even more valuable social gathering!
But every BarCamp is individual.
To understand BarCamp: Attend it!
Barcamp Ethiopia 2011
Your Knowledge | Your Community
This year’s Barcamp Ethiopia will be held at the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAU Ammist Kilo Campus) from 23rd -24th September 2011.
Proposed topics for BarCamp Ethiopia 2011 include:
• The importance of active tech-communities in Ethiopia for the evolution of locally relevant technologies
• Environmental awareness, community organization and green technologies in Ethiopia
• Female roles and role models in Ethiopia
• Networking among Ethiopian Universities, students
• And many more

The final list of topics will only be known at the start of the Barcamp. Sessions and workshops will run in parallel throughout the two days and will be accompanied by an entertainment program during lunch and evenings.
Barcamp Ethiopia is completely financed by sponsors. There is no attendance fee and it is open to any participant who is interested to attend. Lunch and refreshments for all participants are catered on both days.
Major supporter of Barcamp Ethiopia 2011 is the Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF). Since 2006 the Heinrich Böll Foundation is once again represented in Addis Ababa. The new project office promotes networking among civil society organizations in Ethiopia in the area of environmental policy.
Barcamp Ethiopia is an example of new thinking and acting in Ethiopia.
Be a part of it!
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