Monday, February 27, 2012

Addis Ababa turns 125

On the commencement of marking the City’s anniversary, which is going to last for one year, on Saturday evening Kuma said the Administration is undertaking various activities to make the City suitable for trade and investment. Slam areas in Addis Ababa are being demolished and rebuilt in a new way, he said.

The mayor mentioned various development activities being undertaken in the City including the road and house constructions, expansion of small and micro enterprises as well as access to clean water, health service and education, among others.

Kuma said the Administration has built over 82, 000 condominium houses and delivered them to inhabitants, adding 42,000 houses are ready for handing over.

The 125th anniversary of Addis Ababa would be marked with various assortments for one year under a theme: “new spirit for Addis change”.

Source: ERTA

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