Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The New Ethiopia

Ethiopia? A hopeless case: without our
donations nothing would happen there at all.
It’s misconceptions like these that shape
our image of Ethiopia.
Ethiopia stands as a synonym for all the
other countries in the world of which public
opinion knows little more than hunger and
365_oneworld wants to change that. We
want to show the new Ethiopia. The land of
possibilities; the resoluteness with which
the people strive to reach their goals; the
competence and ambitions of the young generation.
That doesn’t mean 365_oneworld
turns a blind eye to the country’s problems.
But rather than focusing on conflicts, we
spotlight the potential and prospects of a
country that aims to be – and is – a trailblazer
for the future of Africa.
Chance. Challenge. Change – that is the
motto of 365_oneworld. Utilise chances, face
challenges, bring about change.
This 76-page preview is meant to give you
a first impression of 365_oneworld, our new
magazine that will appear in Germany and
Ethiopia this April. A 364-page first issue
full of interesting topics.
What do we wish of you, dear readers?
Forget the prejudices! Put Ethiopia, one of
the most beautiful and enthralling countries
on our planet, firmly on your agenda!

Beate Wedekind Publisher, Editor-in-Chief
Khalid Abdullahi Co-Publisher


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